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24 January 2010 @ 12:15 pm
I badly, badly, badly want to go camping. I have never been; my parents are hardly the outdoorsy types. I remember a hike with my father and his then-girlfriend, with long shapely walking poles and my Tasmanian devil t-shirt as a ten year old. Since then it has been all urban. This year I am leaning heavily towards bohemian prints, the influence of nature, going back to my ideas of God.

My first month back, at the beginning of summer, I will go camping. I want Danny to show me the things he knows, having spent time living the mountains and plains of South America, all in our West Virginia woods.

The man himself.

A collection of inspirationCollapse )

I have been thinking lots about designing spaces. I've been bowled over by the sources of visual inspiration on websites like http://ffffound.com/ and http://tumblr.com. Beautiful images and so much inspiration make me happy and grounded.

It is overcast today. I spent hours at the library yesterday, the warm colors of the Avery arts library. Today I'll read and watch movies and relax.
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10 June 2008 @ 01:59 am
Is there anyone who can do me up some CSS like this?
18 November 2007 @ 02:28 pm
Things are very good again.
Yesterday a bunch of people from my class threw me a surprise brunch because it was near my half-birthday, and I never did anything for my actual birthday but kept saying I wanted to. It was so cute and everyone worked so hard and I couldn't help but feel guilty that people didn't want to spend their afternoon there and that it was too much work, but then I relaxed some and forgave myself for being. It was just so sweet :)
Afterwards, Daniel, Shelby, Melanie, Bobby and I went to Melanie's and watched the Michigan vs. Ohio State game which was disappointing. I borrowed sweats and sneakers from Melanie and we went to the park and the five of us played a game of basketball, then sat on the blacktop as it got dark. We went out to dinner together and I love junior bonding but Shelby is so clearly eating disordered and it's breaking my heart to be with her.

Now I'm doing homework and I actually have a good thesis and can back it up with evidence from every passage for this English paper and I LOVE it when I'm prepared. All the sun is coming into the house and I have time to get this done and go to the concert tonight.

Two day week, then a day off, then Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. I love the colors and the smells and I love fall.

I've been listening to lots of Rufus and I get my lisence in two weeks so I'll get to turn on the heat and roll down the windows at the same time and listen while I drive and maybe I'll go through Rock Creek Park. I love D.C.
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21 January 2007 @ 04:22 pm
It finally snowed!
21 September 2005 @ 06:05 pm

This is a photo journal and a personal journal.
I will be posting photographs without a cut, but never more than one.

01. Add me first.
02. Comment here.
03. Comment on my entries.
04. Please don't judge my lifestyle.
05. :)